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نبذه عن المستشفى

نحن مؤسسه خدمية متخصصة في تقديم الخدمات الطبية المتميزة لأبناء محافظات شرق الدلتا و المحافظات المجاورة خاصه. و أبناء جمهورية مصر العربية و الدول العربية و الإسلامية عامه .

مشاهده المزيد

احدث الفديوهات

مشاهده المزيد
  • Founder, we provide medical services for the people of the distinct provinces east of the Nile Delta, the neighboring provinces, the people of the Arab Republic of Egypt the Arab States and the Islamic Committee.
  • We believe that the essence of our message is the unlimited and the tender care of the patients, giving the best care through the religious, ethical and scientific values.
  • A proud history and bright pages of all the members of the faculty supervisors of the treatment in the various hospital departments.
  • Careful Selection, training and ongoing scientific associate in each of the hospital staff.
  • Seek to Iarzaouallah Almighty and the Almighty in our letter we seek to achieve the ambitious science and used to all of our patients chwehm God.
  • Science and work of the chart a pride and dingnity and progress of the major powers St